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In the last few years working with the senior population I have run across a huge contingent of people who are their parents caregivers. There is also a tremendous number who see it coming as our boomer population ages and we start taking care of our parents who, by the way, are living longer and expect it of us.

A few of the major issues of caregiving I hear about are burnout, anger, frustration, exhaustion, boredom, of course love and loneliness.  Most have aches and pains from the constant on their feet running here and there, lifting, bending, carrying, cleaning and all the other movements associated with the daily grind of assisting an older person.  The older and more fragile, the more work involved of course.  My own mother in law for example was dead weight, and much heavier for her size then she should have been. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tips for the Caregivers

As we all age, we are facing the inevitable.   Many of you are probably dealing with caring for your parent or other loved one. . As one who   has recently experienced this, I can offer some advice.  Here are my nuggets; Read the rest of this entry »

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Effective family communication to overcome the challenges of family dynamics can be useful to running the elder home care meeting. Once you have planned the family meeting, you must now prepare for potential conflicts prior to the meeting.

Before the meeting begins, state the purpose of the meeting is to come up with solutions to achieve the wishes of your aging loved one. The main goal is to provide quality care in a safe and loving environment and the importance of everyone being involved. Read the rest of this entry »

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Moving in with You

For previous generations this was the only solution when a parent could not live independently. It was either go live with the kids or move to a nursing home. Children may assume this task out of a sense of love and obligation. Parents may expect that their children will take them in out of a sense of tradition. But consider several things carefully before selecting this housing option with your parent.

  • Do they want to move in with you? Don’t just assume they would love to be near you 24/7
  • Examine your motives for taking them under your roof and take a close look at how you feel about assuming this obligation.
  • How will this intergenerational living arrangement realistically affect everyone in the family? Make sure to include them all in the decision?
  • If you have reservations about whether the arrangement will work, have an open discussion about doing so on a trial basis.
  • Is your home a safe environment? Stairs, lighting, floor coverings and the like can make your home a dangerous place for your parent to move around. Here is a checklist to consider when assessing the physical environment. Read the rest of this entry »


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