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Yale Hauptman
Hauptman Law – Elder Law Specialists

As long term care needs increase and families want to keep their loved ones at home, hiring home health aides often becomes necessary. Paying an aide, however, if not done correctly, can cause Medicaid ineligibility years later, after funds run out. Consider the following very common scenario. Read the rest of this entry »

Mollie Beatty
Security One Lending

By now you probably have heard something about reverse mortgages. This article will give you a brief synopsis. If you are 62 or older, a homeowner with sufficient equity to pay off an existing mortgage or if your home is paid for, then you can benefit from a reverse mortgage. That’s it, it is that simple. I can say that because my parents obtained a reverse mortgage, being my father’s power of attorney I was involved from the first visit to my parent’s home and the reverse mortgage advisor explaining the wonderful benefits of a reverse mortgage, to closing the loan at my parent’s home. Yes, all parties involved, from the reverse mortgage advisor, to the closing attorney, come to you (when you use Security One Lending). Read the rest of this entry »

Yale Hauptman
Hauptman Law – Elder Law Specialists

In part one I explained how Mom’s transferring her home to me during her lifetime will result in capital gains tax whereas passing the home to me after she dies can reduce or even eliminate the tax. However, Mom considered transferring the house because she wanted to protect it from being consumed completely by the cost of long term care, especially important where other family members live in the home. Read the rest of this entry »

Yale Hauptman
Hauptman Law – Elder Law Specialists

“Mom wants to transfer her home to me. Do you think it’s a good idea?” A seemingly simple question and one that is probably one of the more common questions I am asked as an elder law attorney. But, not one that I can answer without knowing more. One size does not fit all. Read the rest of this entry »

Tough Choices Don’t End When We Get Older

All of our lives, baby-boomers have faced tough decisions. Paper or plastic? McCartney or Jagger? Crunchy or smooth? The tough choices don’t end as we get older. They get tougher. Here are some other quandaries:

When should I retire?
When should I draw my Social Security? What kind of Medicare plan should I join?

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Scam Stoppers

Steps to take if a loved one is being targeted by direct-mail or telemarketing fraudsters. The behaviors will need to be monitored and changes will need to be made to protect them.

  • Try to be supportive instead of judgmental or critical.  Let them know it could happen to anyone.
  • Make sure cellphones and landlines are registered on the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry at  Let any unwanted callers know you do not want to be on their calling lists.
  • Create  prewritten scripts for telemarketing calls such as “I am very busy right now and cannot talk. Thank you for calling”.  Keep them right by the phone and easy to find.
  • If scammers are persistent, you may need to change your loved ones phone number. Consider having all mail go to a post office box or a relatives so that both victim and their advocate can go through the mail together.
  • The AARP foundation offers advice and support via it’s Fraud Fighter Call Center at 1-800-646-2283
  • Gather all scam material in an envelope marked “Forward to Postal Inspector – suspected mail fraud and put it in your mailbox.  No postage is needed.
  • Help the victim find activities to fill the time that was spent taking to scammers and opening mail.
  • Please be patient.  Changing behavior takes time.

I see and read so many articles that talk solely about the physical aspect of  older adult and senior fitness.  Granted, I teach a fitness program in Independent and Assisted living centers, so I yes I strongly believe keeping active is an integral part of the wellness package.  However, it is only one part.

I believe in the whole person concept of wellness and fitness.  As people, our lives are comprised of a myriad of parts.  We need to keep a balance in our lives.  Although we are all similar, we all crave different amounts of each area that are important, which is what makes us unique.  Most of us do require the following to be whole fit: Read the rest of this entry »


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