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Kim Crieger Goodwin
Crieger Goodwin Real Estate Sales

My grandmother lived into the triple digits and she had a several things that kept her passion for life strong. First, her desire to help others. She would make food and crafts for us regularly, and kept in touch with her distant family through phone calls and the exchange of gifts. Second, she loved to pass on her knowledge. My sibling and I were the most eager to learn from her, and we are both so grateful for the skills and knowledge she shared. Third, she loved plants and gardening. Read the rest of this entry »

Beth Parker-O’Brien
Caregiver Journey

As health care providers, we need information from you and your loved one about the state of the physical, cognitive and emotional health of the patient. Let’s look at your visit from 2 perspectives: The Doctor’s interview and The Patient/Caregiver questions.

Questions your doctor may have: Read the rest of this entry »

Barbara Friesner

Family members are encouraging their parents to use computers and more and more Seniors are getting connected and surfing the internet. Unfortunately, an alarming number of people are now telling me that in the process, their parents are falling prey to internet scammers and identity thieves. One of the most common scams is emails requesting personal financial information.

I’m sure you’ve seen them – emails from banks, credit card companies, services such ebay©, and stores that say that there is some problem with your account. They may tell you there has been fraudulent or suspicious activity and you have to confirm your information. Some will threaten to suspend or close your account or report you to the credit bureau if you do not respond. Then they tell all you have to do is click on a link in the email to correct the problem. Read the rest of this entry »

Lori Davies
Perfect Order

As a Senior Move Manager and Organizer I often end up as an intervening party brought in to help dissolve tension between family members. One of the most common issues revolves around downsizing the contents of a house. Whether it’s the family china or fishing lures, someone ends up in an argument over what to keep and what to let go of. Adding a short time line into the mix is just adding fuel to the fire. It can make people feel anxious and threatened and cause long standing resentment. As a non-partial pseudo-counselor I always try to let both parties speak their minds so that everyone involved can truly grasp what the real issue it. It generally is not the item over which the argument began, but rather much more deep seated issues that can range back several years. The item just seems to be the safe place to air the transgressions. Read the rest of this entry »

Ken Ward
Herbal Vista, LLC

Iron Neck is a condition where the muscles in the neck get stiff. There are a number of remedies that can be used that do not include using drugs.

One recommendation is a hot wrap with a therapeutic massage.
There are also teas that help relax the body. I will discuss some of these and other therapies directly. Read the rest of this entry »


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