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My wife and I had the experience of taking care of my mother-in-law for 12 years and had to deal with many different circumstances and conditions that we were not prepared to handle. The same old story of ” if we had known then what we know now” fits this type of care situation for most families taking care of their elders.

Thanks to Lauren Watral for the following info: Read the rest of this entry »

While waiting for all my ladies to make their way to class last week, I asked one of the oldest about where she grew up. Keep in mind, Katarina is 96, comes to exercise class every week and is remarkably active for her age.

Her face lit up when I asked her and she just began a recant of growing up in Germany as a young girl, then went on about her journey to America at age 11.  You could feel the emotion pour out of her as she talked about the boat trip over, the constant foghorns due to near zero visibility on the open seas. Read the rest of this entry »

Ryan Malone
Inside Assisted Living

As a resident of an assisted living community, maintaining good nutrition is one of the most important ways to insure a long and healthy life. Food, for better or for worse, is the fuel we run on. Just like vehicles, bad fuel can cause us many expensive and troublesome problems, especially as we age. Unfortunately, even with this knowledge, nutrition inside many assisted living communities can be more of an afterthought than a norm. Assisted living communities are not federally regulated so each state develops its own regulations and this can be challenging when choosing a new home. Nutrition, foodservice, and sanitation guidelines can vary widely across the country.

Educating yourself on elder nutrition guidelines, coordinating with doctors and creating good communication with the staff, both on the floor and in the kitchen, is key. It is necessary to ask the administration for specific information, such as: Read the rest of this entry »

Yesterday at class I had an 86 year old women return who had been down and out for a month or so with Chronic Heart Failure.  One of her friends told me to make sure I had her called down because she wanted to come back and was afraid she would forget.

She had a bit of trouble with her equipment in her room but eventually showed up with her walker and oxygen in tow. Although a bit nervous about taking the class. She ended up doing just fine, however I monitored her (visually) and reminded her to take it very easy and only do as much as she felt comfortable with. Read the rest of this entry »

Laurry Harmon
Great Places

Do you have an elderly relative or friend who has moved to a nursing home or assisted living facility?  If so, you know that elderly people who are unable to live independently often have a chronic illness or some level of dementia that makes self-care–and communication–difficult.

What can you do to improve your communications–and your relationship? For starters, it’s helpful to remember that, while this kind of communication will be challenging, it’s worth doing.  Maintaining a loving connection with an elderly person honors the relationship and can help to improve his or her quality of life. Read the rest of this entry »


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